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About Alexis

ALEXIS is an international Strategic Policy, Strategic planning, policy formulation ,and project implementation group. Made up of interdisciplinary experts and an infrastructure of operational assets, ALEXIS is designed and built to help national governments, private sector enterprises, and multilateral entities position themselves and carry out their operations more effectively in what is today a very different world. ALEXIS's is aimed specifically at confronting this different world, and turns out to be as different as the instrumentalities it uses to get them solved.

To some, ALEXIS might appear to be yet another management consulting group. It is not. While there is obviously a consultative dimension to all our work, ALEXIS is actually in the business of what we call design and implementation management. We define this term as:

    • figuring out what needs to be done for clients;
    • working out preferred strategies and operational modalities;
    • constructing a tangible operating project out of the chosen approach;
    • accompanying the project to a point where it becomes self-sustaining.

In carrying out the above, we rely on three organizing principles:

    • First, we work with a different world view as to what organizations today confront in getting their business successfully carried out.
    • Second, we design around people, talent and vision ,less around systems, procedures and established habits of thought.
    • Third, we draw on our own operational assets, thus enabling us to guarantee the inputs a client's project may require.

What we do not do is develop reports, provide recommendations ,and then leave it to the client to act on what he can, as best he can.

We want you to know more about each of the above.

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