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Alexis International Ltd.

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Action Inventory

ALEXIS possesses three interlocking support infrastructures.

Strategic Policy, Strategic Planning

ALEXIS's approach to this critical function differs substantially from the traditional. First, we develop net assessments of client's current situation and near term prospects. Second, we use the strategic gaming and simulation technique (no computers other than for data manipulation) to draw the client's near term future into the present. This enables its executives to work out their actions, and learn to avoid costly and potentially disastrous mistakes .One of the most powerful insight building tools available today but not very widely used.

Project Intermediation

ALEXIS believes that, in the world of today, access to key individuals is the central and single most important factor in getting projects successfully organized and launched. ALEXIS commands a dense, next-to-unique network of direct access contacts in key governments of Western & Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation, North, Middle & South America as well as South / East Asia, and selected other regions, along with the industrial, manufacturing and financial establishments of these countries. Where we do not have direct access, we can generally secure it through an individual within our network. ALEXIS guarantees that if we and our clients agree that his project requires the involvement of a key interlocutor --at whatever government or private sector level needed-- we will secure it for him. We will also on request negotiate on a client's behalf, variously represent him, and otherwise intervene in a manner he may desire.

Operations Support

As projects mature into line operations, ALEXIS is prepared to offer clients the externally sourced technical support they do not possess themselves or may be unable to acquire readily on their own. For the purpose, ALEXIS variously controls a select group of private sector enterprises.

Their market position and sector-specific expertise are available to ALEXIS's clients, and make them prime sources of parallel involvement, direct CO-participation and/or back-up support. Functionally, this support can take the form of joint project design, capital acquisition, technical planning and oversight, as well as various form of ongoing project management.

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