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Prince Asfa-Wossen Asserate
Imperial Highness, he is a grandnephew of the last Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie and a son of the former governor and viceroy of Eritrea, Li'ul Ras Asserate Kasa (Asserate-Maryam Kasa).,he went to the German School in Addis Abeba, before studying law, economics and history in Tübingen and Cambridge. In 1978, he earned a PhD in Ethiopian history in Frankfurt am Main. In 1974 a Communist revolution in Ethiopia made impossible his return to his homeland, his father and sixty other dignitaries of the Haile Selassie court were executed without a trial. Since 1983, he has been working as an strategic advisor and author. After the fall of the Ethiopian regime in 1991 he has been striving to improve the foreign trade relations of his native Ethiopia, as well as many other African countries. He commands a trusted network in the public and private sectors in Africa and Europe. In 1994 he founded „Orbis Aethiopicus“, a society that holds scientific congresses with a focus on Ethiopian and African culture, history and other matters. In 2003, his first book "Manieren" ("Manners") was published. It deals with the topic of manners in the context of sociology and cultural history in European societies. It is not meant to be a guide of good manners, but gives a rather descriptive approach. He operates from Europe.

A graduate from Victoria University/University of Toronto, an investment banker, industrialist and entrepreneur with broad experience in implementing complex multinational projects, and in providing strategic advice to corporations and governments worldwide since 1983.

Rinelda Bliss
A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, has twenty-five years of experience in global, strategic politics - Washington D.C. - providing essential services in strategic planning; government, public and media relations; nonprofit organization setups; and special projects management oversight for corporate, government and public advocacy group activities focused on national and homeland security, intelligence, nuclear energy and nonproliferation, and energy infrastructure. She co-founded a Security Policy think tank and headed up its business management, development, media and congressional relations, produced a weekly television program, and created and institutionalized special nationwide events and internship program. Ms. Bliss served in the Reagan Administration Departments of Energy, State, and Defense; the Nuclear and Space Talks Delegation in Geneva; the United Nations Conference on Disarmament; and as special assistant to the Secretary of Defense. She is a founder, corporate officer and board member of the International Crisis Foundation.

Luis Garcia Cardenas
A law graduate from the National University of Mexico, doctorate in public administration and social science from the University of Paris / France, since 1966 professor of public affairs at the political and social science faculty of the National University of Mexico, holds a chair in public finance and international affairs at the University of the State of Mexico and the Technological Institute for Higher Studies in Monterrey, since 1958 a civil servant in several national public institutions, such as foreign trade, environment, social security, science & technology, and the executive office of the President of Mexico, experienced in energy matters and management of decentralized federal agencies in the Mexican public sector., for more than six years served as president of the National Institute of Public Administration of Mexico, Vice President for Latin America and head of the Planning & Forecasting Commission of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, the United Nations World Agency in charge of public affairs established in 1930 in Brussels/Belgium, seats as an expert in public management at the U.N. Committee for Public Administration which convenes yearly at New York, multilingual, has published several books on issues such as comparative legislation in social security, social and economic planning and administrative reform in the public sector. He operates from Mexico City.

Olavo Monteiro Espindola da Cunha
A law graduate from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Moscow Linguistic University. Extensive expertise in tax law and government affairs, as well as international trade issues with special expertise and experience in dealing with Eastern European companies. He operates through a well established and trusted access network as a public/private sector advisor from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Sunil V. Ram
An expert on international strategic analysis , defense and security matters. He also teaches Political Science and Military History, is the Contributing Editor of SITREP, the private defense journal of the Royal Canadian Military Institute, has served in the Canadian Forces (CF) as both a soldier and officer between 1980-86 and 1997-99, is a specialist in communications and electronics with an extensive background in various aspects of Information Technology and Intelligence Analysis, is an acknowledged expert in the fields of peacekeeping, military affairs, and the Middle East, has over a decade of experience as a military advisor with the Saudi Royal Family, including involvement in the 1991 Gulf War and the Yemeni conflict in the 1990s. Prof. Ram has won a number of awards over the years, the UN Global Citizen Award presented to him in 1995 by the UN, the UNAC and the Canadian Committee for the 50th Anniversary of the UN for the furthering of world peace through public awareness of peacekeeping. He has also published and presented numerous articles and books over the years and has had columns on military affairs published in newspapers, such as Canada’s Globe and Mail.

A. J. G. Hervé Segard
French baccalaureate , business training in Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. 1956-1958 Saumur Officer School of Cavalry, French officer for compulsory military service ( Algeria, Morocco ).1958-1960 MBA degree from Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania - USA -1960 - 1983 : Director and partner J. Segard and Co International Wool Brokerage with 22 offices in Southern and Northern hemisphere - world leader position in specialty brokerage - board of directors of Peignage de la Tossée and of Peignage Amédée Prouvost : wool combing manufacturing. Director of Scedis Trading and Segard Expansion Trading . Deputy board director at magazines : Le Figaro and Paris Match in Paris. 1983 -2005 director of Airquip International, trading and aviation representation. Airquip is a division of well known and private Group Monteiro Aranha in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 2005-2008 President of Air-Prima Ltda Rio de Janeiro , global trading, as well as aviation advisory and marketing facilitation in Brazil. He operates from Europe and Latin America.

CAPT. R. S. Sidhu
A graduate from India's National Defence Academy, career in Indian Air Force, Pilot in Command with AIR INDIA from December 1970 until retirement. Flying Boeing 747-400 as a Captain, held AIR INDIA’s executive position of Deputy Director of Operations, 17567 flight hours on 707 / 747 Classic / 747-400 , licenses held 1. Indian ALTP with Boeing 747-400 , 2. Endorsement I.C.A.O. recognized, 3. F.A.A. Multi Engine-Land, scheduled passenger and cargo operation throughout Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe and U.S.A. In 29 years of service with AIR INDIA Capt. Sidhu has a completely Accident-Free record. He has also been a Check Pilot and Instructor on Boeing Classic and on Boeing 747-400. His special qualifications in aviation related issues include, Aircraft Accident Investigation Training with the Institute of Aviation Stockholm, Sweden ,Aircraft Accident Investigation Training with Air Canada, he worked for 11 years with AIR INDIA’s Air Safety Department, specializing in Aircraft Accident Investigation and Prevention, he was very closely associated with most of the decision making at AIR INDIA and as a senior executive interacted directly with the Indian Civil Aviation Ministry, DGCA and ICAO. During his time at AIR INDIA he was involved in most of the parliamentary hearings, regarding AIR INDIA. He has been the Convener of a number of Accident Investigation Committees, set up to find out the causes of accidents, recommended corrective training and preventive measures for the future. He operates from Mumbai , New Delhi and Punjab India.

Anthony Somers
He was educated at University College, Dublin and Hautes Etudes de Commerce de Neuchatel, Switzerland. In 1963 he joined Sandoz of Switzerland becoming Chairman & Managing Director of Sandoz, Spain in 1965. In 1970 he joined SCM Corporation managing European investment projects. He joined the European office of the Mitsui Corporation managing numerous industrial investment projects. In 1987 he established Independent Finance, an European investment consultancy firm advising both the public and private sectors on investment into the European Union. In this role, he has assisted European & US Government agencies and multinational companies in their negotiation of major industrial contracts. He operates from Paris and London.

Michael Somers (Honorary Chairman)
Attended Tereunure College Dublin. Served in the Irish Guards from 1962 to 1965. Obtained a BA at Barcelona University and studied law at Ruskin College Oxford. He spent 20 years advising the mainstream UK unions and their members. Retained by the European Head Office of The Middle East Management and Investment Group in 1989, he was in direct contact with European Government development bodies, local authorities, international development banks and funds, and assisted European Government Agencies and multinational companies in negotiating major industrial contracts. He operates from London.

Harald H. Ward
Has 20 years of success in leadership and management in small, medium and large organization in the Public Sector. Multilingual. Executive roles in improving service and program quality, increasing organizational productivity and enhancing internal and external customer satisfaction. Many years of experience in successful Project Evaluation, Project Planning, and Administrative Management. He operates from Washington D.C.


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