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Approach to Problem Solving

As should already be implicit, ALEXIS does not use reworked business school solutions for tackling an organization's key issues. Instead, we adopt the following person focused approach:

    • has the client correctly diagnosed his current and near term situation?
    • are his objectives correctly defined, and does he know how to proceed?
    • is the project architecture sound and time/location/function relevant?
    • are political dimensions present and addressed?
    • are the correct interlocutors and CO-participants involved?
    • are contingency or crisis management plans needed and on hand?
    • is the launched project in relative, hence satisfactory steady-state?

Wherever a negative response arises, ALEXIS can be engaged to produce the needed solution. For some organizations, especially in today's uncertain environment, negative responses can begin at the top of the list and flow all the way down. For others, negatives can arise selectively. For yet others, they may involve a single but often critical sub-issue. In each case ALEXIS possesses, or will have access, the expertise, technology and infrastructure appropriate to the challenges. If it should happen that we do not, we will so advise immediately

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